About us.

SSW Management is a consulting and training company. Our interdisciplinary team helps our Clients reinvent themselves. We build strategy and support the growth of brands – the primary goal is the success of our Client. The SSW team consists of people with diverse experience. We have minds full of innovative ideas that we would like to share with our Clients and create captivating storytelling because we strongly believe that every brand deserves its own, individual story.                                        

Clear communication is very important to us: we develop a precise plan of action, solve problems and learn lessons. We achieve this through a dialogue full of understanding of the Client’s needs, conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, often over coffee or tea. This is all done within the framework of 360 marketing to an international standard. We like to take a wider view of the world and go beyond the norm. As SSW, we also organise training courses in a wide range of areas – from project management training, process optimisation based on the LEAN philosophy, training dedicated to promotional process building and product branding, to revenue generation. And so much more!

Our mission.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality support and training that allow our clients to reach their full potential.

We strive to:

  • Inspire personal and professional growth – through innovative and practical training programs we try to help our clients gain new skills and knowledge, which are crucial to their success.
  • Provide support at every stage of the process – we are here to support our clients in achieving their goals by offering professional advice and help in solving their problems
  • Build long-term relationships – we work in partnership with our clients, caring about their unique needs and providing solutions that are truly beneficial
  • Promote a culture of constant learning – we believe that development does not end with getting a diploma or certificate. We encourage our clients to constantly broaden their horizons and perfect their skills
  • Approach everything with passion and professionalism – our team consists of experienced professionals who approach every initiative with commitment and enthusiasm providing the highest standards of service

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    SSW Management

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